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5 Best Gyms to Visit in Scotland

Ready to get physical? Visit these gyms soon!

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Location: Edinburgh

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Exercise in an open area! If you’re looking for inspiration while working out, this is the place to visit. The splendid beach across this gym will inspire and probably hypnotize you to keep running on that treadmill. I promise you; you’ll love the view this gym provides! This outdoor gym doesn’t just help you stay fit; it even helps you relax with the scenery it offers. Inhale the fresh Scottish air and enjoy the art of exercising! What’s great about this is that it’s free! Yup, you don’t have to pay a single dime to use the equipment here correctly. Perfect for those who have a tight budget! Now you have no excuse not to work out!

CrossFit Scotland

Location: North Ayrshire

This gym in Irvine isn’t your average gym. Aside from its weight lifting, cardio, and core equipment, you can also enjoy the available gymnastics equipment. If you want to take your physical condition to the next level, this is the gym for you. It also encourages you to work out with a group.

crossfit scotland

Azzurra Fitness Studio

Location: Glasglow

This gym enables you to work out the right way alongside a fitness expert. It’s a private gym, but it still opens its doors to those who want to train alone. Achieving the fit body you’ve been aiming for isn’t out of reach anymore, thanks to this studio.

Pure Gym

Location: Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasglow, Edinburgh, Paisley

pure gym

Obviously, the owners of this gym want to help Scottish and non-Scottish people to have a healthy body. The evidence? Aside from having five branches, they are open 24 hours every day too! Though you’ll have to pay a membership fee that costs £25 and a monthly fee of £19.99, it’s totally worth it. The gym offers a wide array of well-tended equipment that would make you wonder why it only charges such a small amount.

The Waterfront Leisure Complex

Location: Greenock

If you think a simple gym isn’t enough, try visiting the Waterfront Leisure Complex. The complex offers a swimming pool, lots of sports facilities, and even an ice rink. It’s ideal for families and friends who wish to stay fit together!


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