5 of the Best Places to Visit When in Scotland

Untamed, picturesque landscapes and diverse scenery are some of the words often associated with Scotland. It is a place of stunning natural scenery that also boasts of breathtaking architecture. It has gorgeous vistas that provide an enchanting backdrop for explorations and meanderings. And if you ever find yourself in Scottish shores, here are some of the many destinations you may want to add to your itinerary.

1. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a UNESCO City of Literature and its Old and New Towns have been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1995. The Old Town and New Town juxtaposes contrasting architecture. This gives the place its stunning cityscape that leaves many travelers in awe. The Old Town’s medieval facades blend well with the neoclassical vibe of New Town. Edinburgh also boasts of spectacular scenery, stunning architecture, and some of the best festivals in the world.

2. Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave stands at 72 feet and has a depth of 270 feet. It is one of Scotland’s wonders with its interiors, basalt columns, and pillars. It is an isolated scenic attraction that sits in the island of Staffa. You may not be able to explore inside the caves, but taking a cruise near it can give you more than enough view to admire the famous cave’s amazing beauty.

3. Fort William to Mallaig Train Ride

train ride

Fort William and Mallaig are interesting places to explore in their own right. But it is the train ride between the two towns that should be on your list of things to do in Scotland. Taking the trip takes you from Fort William through Glenfinnan Viaduct which has become even more famous after it was shown in the Harry Potter movies. The train ride also passes through Morar then reaches its end destination of Mallaig. You do not have to be a Harry Potter fan to fall in love with this train journey. The gorgeous scenery alone will make it worth your while.

4. Glasgow


Glasgow is one of the best destinations for architecture and music lovers. The city has a vibrant music scene and hosts a wide array of musical festivals. The creative arts are very much alive with interesting street arts to be found in many places.

5. Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park is an excellent getaway whether for a relaxing time or some active adventures. You can enjoy the tranquility by the water’s edge as you soak in the stunning view around you. It is a great way to take in the majestic snow-capped mountains that provide a breathtaking backdrop to the already beautiful natural scenery around you. You may even get a glimpse of some of the many wildlife that The Trossachs is teeming with.

Perks Of Bringing A Saw When Travelling


Admit it or not, travelling can be quite daunting for some people. This especially goes for those who have a long way ahead before arriving to their destinations and even for those who are only looking to take a much-needed breather from their hectic work schedules. Not only do they need to be physically conditioned enough to last the day without getting tired that easily or especially after just a few miles of walking, but also need to be mentally conditioned enough to last the day without getting pained that easily or even after just a few steps of running.

But you know what?

Believe it or not, travelling can be quite delighting for other people. This even goes for those who have a short way ahead before arriving to their destinations and especially for those who are just looking to make a much-needed changer from their frantic home schedules. Not only do they have to be physically conditioned enough to last the day without getting tired that easily or even after just a few steps of walking, but also have to be mentally conditioned enough to last the day without getting pained that easily or especially after just a few miles of running.

And you know what?

There’s more to travelling than what it seems to be, especially when it comes to bringing a saw. Article here will even tell you more about saws and other related topics if you want to learn how it really goes for travellers and other types of people.

But you see, one perk of bringing a saw when travelling is you being able to unleash your creative potential anywhere you go – and yes, despite the fact that you’ll spend most of your time relaxing and idling around like no other to make up for all those sleepless nights at work.

And there’s even more to travelling than what it seems to be, especially when it comes to bringing a saw. Article mentioned above will especially tell you more about saws and other related topics if you want to learn how it really goes for travellers and other types of people.

You also see, another perk of bringing a saw when travelling is you being able to unleash your innovative potential anytime you want – and yes, despite the fact that you’ll just spend most of your effort rejuvenating and lying around like never before to make up for all those restless days at home.

How about you?

How do you think about bringing a saw when travelling?

Do you know any other perks of bringing a saw when travelling? Let us know in the comments section below!

Top 5 Scottish Whiskey Brands of 2017

johnnie walker blue label

Just like the spray paint from PaintSprayerMag.com, these whiskeys are the best because they come from the best Scottish brands. Let’s take a look at why they’re the top 5 on the list.

J & B

Owner: Diageo

This whiskey brand sold 4 million cases in 2013, 3.7m in 2014, 3.5m in 2015, and 3.5 million in 2016. It’s on the list of the most sought-after whiskey brands in Europe, and it has maintained its 5th position even after a 7% loss in sales last 2015. Considered the “World’s Party Whisky,” J & B is expected to boost its sales after undergoing improvement processes by Diageo.

Chivas Regal

Owner: Chivas Regal

Previously on the top 3, Chivas’ second most well-loved bottling descended to the number four spot after experiencing a decrease in sales last 2016. It sold 4.7 million cases in 2013, 4.6m in 2014, 4.39 in 2015, and 4.26 in 2016. In the face of the slight drop in worldwide sales, Chivas Regal continues to be popular. It’s also anticipated to sell more bottles in the following years.


Owner: William Grant & Sons


Winning against its closest competitor, Chivas Regal, Grants is holding the 3rd place at the moment. It sold 4.7 million cases in 2013, 4.4m in 2014, 4.35m in 2015, and 4.48m in 2016. It was able to rise above Chivas Regal because of the new marketing strategy it applied which focused on premium expressions and travel retail.


Owner: Chivas


As the second-most-popular Scottish whiskey, the sales of Ballantine’s never fails to disappoint. It sold 6 million cases in 2013, 6.1m in 2014, 6.22m in 2015, and 6.7m in 2016. This brand focuses on modern demand and marketing, allowing them to increase their sales each year.

Johnnie Walker

Owner: Diageo

johnnie walker blue label

Up to this time, Johnnie Walker is still the planet’s best-selling Scotch despite experiencing progressive decreases in sales. It sold 20.1 million cases in 2013, 17m in 2014, 17.6m in 2015, and 17.4m in 2016. Though there’s some confusion concerning the rebranding of particular bottles over recent years, the brand is still as famous as it was before and it has managed to innovate with new products and marketing campaigns all these years.


4 Best Restaurants in Scotland


Like LED grow lights, allow us to enlighten you today with our list of the top restaurants in Scotland. After reading this, you’ll definitely want to visit the country ASAP to go on a food trip.

The Kitchin


Address: 78 Commercial St, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX

Contact info: 0131 555 1755; [email protected]

Website: http://thekitchin.com/

This restaurant, with a Michelin star, was named the “Best Restaurant” in the country in 2012. It also received a Thistle award in 2015 and has the most relaxing atmosphere you’ll ever encounter in a restaurant. It serves modern British cuisine with fresh Scottish produce and is known for its tasty haggis, tatties, and neeps. It’s one great restaurant indeed.

The Clachaig Inn

Address: Glencoe, Argyll, PH49 4HX

Contact info: 01855 811252; [email protected]

Website: http://www.clachaig.com/

If you want to have another award-winning experience, try the food in Clachaig Inn. Its atmosphere is so welcoming and lovely; you’d never want to leave the place. It serves local and delicious food and even offers highly recommended beer. In this restaurant, you can try various treats such as the famous Clachaig venison casserole and wild boar burger. You’re going to love the herbs and white wine in this place. Seriously.

Ubiquitous Chip

Address: 12 Ashton Lane, Glasgow, G12 8SJ

Contact info: 0141 334 5007; [email protected]

Website: http://www.ubiquitouschip.co.uk/

Located in Glasgow, this restaurant is well-known for Scottish dishes inspired by tradition. There are also lots of events that can entertain you aside from making your stomach full. Their most loved dishes are the monkfish steak served with smoked pork belly and parsley quinoa and roast guinea fowl breast along with mushroom fricassee and sweetcorn. The favorite of all is the Scottish Aberdeen Angus Beef with dauphinoise potatoes and sauce. Let me warn you, though; you might not get enough of their hot pot potatoes and rosemary salsa, so you better prepare a lot of money if you’re going to dine here!

The Three Chimneys


Address: Colbost, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, IV55 8ZT

Contact info: 01470 511258; [email protected]

Website: http://www.threechimneys.co.uk/

The last one on the list offers spectacular sceneries that complement the meal you’re eating. The Three Chimneys is located beside the sea, allowing you to enjoy the calmness and serenity the surroundings provide. You’ll love their fresh crab and lobster dishes as well as their meals like loin, tongue, and shoulder of Blackface lamb served with rosemary maize. We’re confident that you’ll also savor their sumptuous Skye Lochs Fruits de Mer.


5 Best Gyms to Visit in Scotland

crossfit scotland

Ready to get physical? Visit these gyms soon!

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Location: Edinburgh

Exercise in an open area! If you’re looking for inspiration while working out, this is the place to visit. The splendid beach across this gym will inspire and probably hypnotize you to keep running on that treadmill. I promise you; you’ll love the view this gym provides! This outdoor gym doesn’t just help you stay fit; it even helps you relax with the scenery it offers. Inhale the fresh Scottish air and enjoy the art of exercising! What’s great about this is that it’s free! Yup, you don’t have to pay a single dime to use the equipment here correctly. Perfect for those who have a tight budget! Now you have no excuse not to work out!

CrossFit Scotland

Location: North Ayrshire

This gym in Irvine isn’t your average gym. Aside from its weight lifting, cardio, and core equipment, you can also enjoy the available gymnastics equipment. If you want to take your physical condition to the next level, this is the gym for you. It also encourages you to work out with a group.

Azzurra Fitness Studio

Location: Glasglow

This gym enables you to work out the right way alongside a fitness expert. It’s a private gym, but it still opens its doors to those who want to train alone. Achieving the fit body you’ve been aiming for isn’t out of reach anymore, thanks to this studio.

Pure Gym

Location: Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasglow, Edinburgh, Paisley

pure gym

Obviously, the owners of this gym want to help Scottish and non-Scottish people to have a healthy body. The evidence? Aside from having five branches, they are open 24 hours every day too! Though you’ll have to pay a membership fee that costs £25 and a monthly fee of £19.99, it’s totally worth it. The gym offers a wide array of well-tended equipment that would make you wonder why it only charges such a small amount.

The Waterfront Leisure Complex

Location: Greenock

If you think a simple gym isn’t enough, try visiting the Waterfront Leisure Complex. The complex offers a swimming pool, lots of sports facilities, and even an ice rink. It’s ideal for families and friends who wish to stay fit together!


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Stay Safe While on Vacation

plane travel sky

plane travel skyLove traveling? Whether you’re a pro traveler or a first-timer, you should be aware of the safety tips you must follow when you’re in a different place.

To make sure you don’t end up in a disastrous situation, here are the tips you should keep in mind when you’re taking a vacay:


  • Do yourself a favor and don’t visit faraway restaurants with a few people. Even if you’ve heard they serve appetizing food, if you’re alone or not with a crowd, you should stay safe by rejecting the idea of going there.
  • Don’t eat at restaurants that are in dark alleys. Again, your safety should be your priority.
  • If you have allergies, make sure you check the ingredients of the meals you’re about to order.


  • Get to know where the emergency exits are.
  • Ask the front desk officers if it’s allowed to smoke and cook in your hotel room.
  • If possible, book a hotel room next to an emergency exit or the front desk.


  • Make sure your documents and their respective photocopies are in a secure place.

passport travel america

  • Don’t share everything with that handsome gent or gorgeous lady you just met! Sharing everything can pose threats to your privacy and your life as well. Ensure that your travel and accommodation details are kept private.
  • Don’t flash your attractive cash! You don’t have to show the entire world how much money you have in your wallet or how many credit cards you own. If you’re wise, you’ll keep your earnings to yourself and avoid robbers altogether.


  • Don’t hitchhike! Remember to use only the recommended and safe public transport vehicles only.

taxi lights bokeh yellow

  • Please don’t travel at night or during the first hours of the day. It isn’t safe to leave your hotel room just because you’re starving. If you know you get hungry in the middle of the night, better buy snacks during the day and save them for when you’re craving.

Do you own a farm? Keep your crops safe from unwanted viruses and insects by using an excellent handyman tool called the commercial backpack sprayer now! You have to be careful about what you eat after all.


Fun Ideas When Roaming Around Scotland

loch ness

With so many things to do and lots of places to go in Scotland, it’s no surprise that tourists from all around the world continue to flock in this great country.

That being said, here are some fun ideas when roaming around Scotland:

Take a look at Scotland’s premiere whiskey distilleries.

The United Kingdom itself is best known for having originated some of the world’s greatest drinks out there, with Scotland (back then until now) as one of the biggest exporters of whiskey. When roaming around Scotland, take a look at over five premiere whiskey distilleries and just let yourself marvel on how the Scottish Whiskey is made. What’s more, you can go on exclusive tours in various locations and even taste for yourself the goodness of Scottish Whiskey.

Accio yourself to Scotland’s Harry Potter film locations.

There’s Glenfinnan Viaduct, where we first got on the Hogwarts Express in The Sorcerer’s Stone and where we first encountered the Dementors in The Prisoner of Azkaban. There’s also Glencoe, where we first met Buckbeak in The Prisoner of Azkaban and where we first witnessed a Tri-Wizard tournament in The Goblet of Fire. Wherever you go, you can always count on Scotland to give you all the feels from the highly-acclaimed best-selling book series of the ’90s.

Try to meet the legendary Loch Ness monster.

Once upon a time, in a deep loch within the Scottish Highlands, there lived a monster called Nessie. She was believed to be first encountered back in 1933, where a man named Hugh Gray supposedly took a picture of the legendary sea monster. The picture was released in Daily Express, but was only considered hoax after multiple reports of the Loch Ness monster’s sightings didn’t made sense anymore. Until now, no one has ever seen Nessie up close. But you’ll never know as you go funny camping nearby…

Any other fun ideas when roaming around Scotland? Let us know in the comments section below!

Trip Planning Tips to Stretch Your Budget


You do not have to spend a lot of money on your travels. In fact, there are many travelers out there who spend less than most people think they do. The next time you think twice about planning a trip, keep these simple hacks in mind. It might inspire you to start crossing out some of those destinations on your travel bucket list.

Opt for connecting flights

Booking connecting flights instead of flying non-stop can save you more money. Besides, layovers nowadays are not exactly a hardship. An increasing number of airports around the world now have excellent amenities. There are even interesting activities you can do to pass the time while waiting for your next flight.

Find the cheapest times

This is when travel planning comes handy. Learn about dead zones and how they can help you save more on upcoming trips. You can plan your vacations around these times if you want to enjoy a wide array of travel discounts. Or just avoid traveling during peak season. Cheaper rates and fewer crowds of tourists are just some of the perks of traveling off-peak.

Book train tickets in advance

Check the websites of railway companies in your destinations. If you expect to be traveling by train on more than one or two occasions, consider buying a rail pass in advance. Or you can purchase single journey tickets depending on which comes out the cheapest in the long run throughout the duration of your trip.

Consider other types of accommodations

Alternative and cheaper accommodations made traveling on a shoestring budget more possible. And cheaper does not mean uncomfortable or unsafe. Instead of staying at hotel chains, there is an extensive list of options you can try. You can rent a well-equipped home or apartment or go couchsurfing. You might even want to try those capsule hotels and other decent places that fit a smaller budget.

Get a money belt

Pickpockets and thefts are among the common woes of tourists almost everywhere. Regardless if you are traveling to the safest places in the world, it is still best to err on the side of caution. Always keep your money with you. A money belt is a good way to keep your cash around you at all times.

Download travel apps you can use for free

There are many smartphone apps as well as printed guidebooks that can help you save on your travels. You can get useful tips on cheap places to visit. Or it will help you find the easiest and cheapest routes to your destinations.

Use public transportation

Taxi fares can eat up a huge chunk of your budget. Even some modes of transportation are more costly than others. Find out which options offer cheaper rates and get used to traveling around using them. Traveling by public bus, tram, or subway likewise allows you to see and experience more of the places you visit.